India has a very good potential for solar energy, with average solar irradiation around 4-7 kWh/m2/day. This abundant solar radiation can be used to meet the demand of low to medium process heat required by various industries and institutions. These Solar Radiations used by Fixed focus automatically tracked Elliptical dish called Scheffler Dish for steam generation for purpose of community cooking, Laundry, Space cooling etc. of any capacity. Scientist Mr. Wolfgang Scheffler is inventor of Scheffler Solar concentrator. Scheffler dish is a small lateral section of a paraboloid, which concentrates sun’s radiation. Scheffler dish is made of number of flat shaped mirrors or reflective films which are mounted on a structural frame. Water is being filled in to the receivers. Due to the extreme heat at focal point, water inside the receiver boils and produces steam which is being collected from each receiver and stored in a pressurised vessel.

System components

  • Scheffler Solar concentrators with tracking system.

  • Steam Receiver

  • Steam storage system

  • Steam regulation and piping system

  • Some of the common application where Scheffler steam systems are used are:

  • Boiler feed water preheating

  • Washing / Ironing in laundries

  • Oil heating for cooking or industrial applications

  • Milk pasteurization

  • Steam cooking

  • Food processing

  • Community cooking

  • Solar-assisted comfort cooling

  • Laundry

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Drying

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